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State: United States of America  /  Continent: North America  /  Era: current

United States of America flag
English name: United States of America  |  1776
Formal name:United States of America
Original name:United States of America
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english name U.S. Navy

original name United States Navy

typeLine Personnel

insigniaservice dress

date1913 - 1918

Apprentice Seaman Seaman 2nd Class Seaman 1st Class (Front) Seaman 1st Class (Back)
Petty Officer 3rd Class (Coxswain) Petty Officer 2nd Class (Boatswain\'s Mate 2nd Class) Petty Officer 1st Class (Master-at-Arms 1st Class) Chief Petty Officer (Chief Master-at-Arms)
Mate (less than 20 years) Mate (20 years and more) Warrant Officer (Boatswain) Commissioned Warrant Officer (Chief Boatswain)
Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant
Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain
Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Admiral of the Navy