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State: Denmark  /  Continent: Europa  /  Era: current

Denmark flag
English name: Denmark  |  since 1945 (1849-1940)
Formal name:Kingdom of Denmark
Original name:Kongeriget Danmark
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english name National Socialist Workers´ Party of Denmark

original name Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Arbejderparti (DNSAP)

date1930 - 1945

Afdeling - department
Afdelings Skriver Afdelings Fuldmaegtig Afdelings Gruppenleder Afdelings Leder
department clerk department head or chief clerk department group leader department leader
Herred - hundreds
Herreds Skriver Herreds Fuldmaegtig Herreds Gruppenleder Herreds Afdelingsleder Herreds Leder
hundreds clerk hundreds head or chief clerk hundreds group leader hundreds unit leader hundreds leader
Syslet - district
Syssel Skriver Syssel Fuldmaegtig Syssel Gruppenleder Syssel Afdelingsleder Syssel Leder
district clerk district head or chief clerk district group leader district unit leader district leader
Stabs Skriver Stabs Fuldmaegtig Stabs Gruppenleder
staff clerk staff head or chief clerk staff group leader
Land -Country
nd Skriver Land Fuldmaegtig Land Gruppenleder Land Afdelingsleder
country clerk country head or chief clerk country group leader country unit leader